Do you offer Monoclonal Antibody Infusions?2022-09-24T13:28:07+00:00

We are unable to provide monoclonal antibody infusions at this time.

Can anyone IV Hydrate?2022-09-24T13:38:08+00:00

Our IV hydration therapies are available to most patients between the ages of 10 and under 70. Our process ensures everyone fills out our medical form to be reviewed by our staff before treatment begins. From time to time we have to turn people away because the medical history is not suited for our IV hydrate therapies.

Anyone under 18 will need to provide parental consent.

What if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?2022-09-24T13:37:09+00:00

We offer specialized individual treatment if you’re currently pregnant,  we can also provide certain IV Therapies when you’re breastfeeding to help boost energy, immunity, and recovery.

Does it hurt?2022-09-24T13:36:15+00:00

Typically, there’s a little pinch where the IV placement is. So needles aren’t your thing, we can numb the site with a topical anesthetic so it won’t hurt as much, just let our staff know.

Who administers the treatment?2022-09-24T13:35:09+00:00

Our team is made up of highly trained registered nurses who have been hired to administer our services.

How often can I get an IV?2022-09-24T13:34:49+00:00

The frequency of IV therapy is determined on a patient by patient basis. We take a customized approach to suit your individual needs.

North Texas Mobile IV or Emergency Room?2022-09-24T13:33:30+00:00

We are not a substitute for medical attention. If you require hydration or boosters the difference between North Texas Mobile and the Emergency Room is the cost and comfort. The average ER cost is high and wait times can be long. North Texas Mobile IV therapies range from $99 and up, and generally only take approximately 30 to 40 minutes in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel room.

Can I get both an IV AND a booster shot?2022-09-24T13:33:06+00:00

Yes, and this is the ideal recommendation. Boosters are a great way to take advantage of your IV Therapy by adding med/mineral to any drip that does not already include it.

What form of payment do you accept?2022-09-24T13:32:41+00:00

We currently accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, as well as HSA/FSA with the Visa/Mastercard Logo (Gift Cards coming soon). Sorry, we do not accept insurance at this time.

Do you offer group discounts or host parties?2022-09-24T13:32:10+00:00

Do you love IV Hydration and want to share it with your friends, colleagues, or family? Set up a group party with North Texas Mobile IV! We can set up at your group or party in your home or office. Schedule a group session of 5 or more, receive a 10% discount on all drips! Click Here for more details.


What is IV Therapy?2022-09-24T13:31:17+00:00

North Texas Mobile IV is an on-demand mobile IV vitamin therapy service delivering treatments in North Dallas and surrounding areas. (Click Here) to see our service locations. Registered nurses administer treatments in the comfort of your home, hotel, office, or special event.

North Texas Mobile IV offers vitamin-infused blends to optimize repair, recovery, and rehydration on the cellular level and delivers straight to your door. Our science-backed therapies and formulations are created and perfected to address a variety of symptoms such as dehydration, weight management, low libido, hangovers, low energy, jet lag, migraines, nausea, brain fog, etc.

What are the benefits of IV Therapy?2022-09-24T13:30:44+00:00

IV Therapy is the most effective way to deliver nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and fluids to your body as opposed to ingesting your supplements orally. Intravenous infusions bypass the digestive system, thereby ensuring up to 100% absorption into the cells for optimum performance, energy, and cellular health.

How soon can I expect to receive my treatment?2022-09-24T13:30:13+00:00

North Texas Mobile IV can have a nurse to your home, hotel, or office in about an hour of scheduling your appointment. We recommend booking an appointment in advance to get your desired time slot, however, we do our best to accommodate you even on short notice.

What are your business hours?2022-09-24T13:28:50+00:00

Our normal business hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM 7 days a week. For after-hours services, please call or text us at (972) 665-7266.

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